the rising of the shield hero 25 (end)

season 2 when?

I realized one reason why i like the shows that I do reflect a lot about my Enneagram type. Maybe I’ll write an essay on this for my certification process.

the rising of the shield hero 25athe rising of the shield hero 25bthe rising of the shield hero 25cthe rising of the shield hero 25e


psycho-pass S3 – 04

The intrigue gets deeper and deeper. You REALLY have to pay attention to follow what’s going on. You could rewatch from episode 1 and already discover more things.

I’m ambivalent about how they are REALLY not explaining major points throughout the episode. I know it’s overdone in a lot of anime… but it’s being underdone here. Summaries and recapping are done in real life too!

psycho-pass S3 04apsycho-pass S3 04a2psycho-pass S3 04a3

If I had to state the theme for this season it would be psychology, cognition, and will.

psycho-pass S3 04b

I wanted more screen time of yayoi being boss

psycho-pass S3 04dpsycho-pass S3 04e

boku no hero academia – S4 – 02-04

The reason this show is so popular are the eternal archetypal themes –

The hero’s journey – the path to find and become the Self -ever so present in human stories, coming of age adolescent characters.

Ambiguity and conflict between the ego and the Shadow – heroes vs villains with hints of acceptance of the “villain” and rejection of the hero. How does one interact with the Shadow? Is it battle and overpowering?

boku no hero academia S4 04a

The persona vs the Self – “clothes” in dreams symbolize the persona: is being a “hero” a persona, a superficial image of the ego, or an expression of true Self. In other words, do the powers/clothes make the hero, or is it something else.

boku no hero academia S4 04b

Rites of initiation: The mother traditionally was responsible for nurturing the boy until it was time for the men (father) (school, All Might) of the society to initiate a rite that brought the boy to manhood. I suppose you can take it to be the male’s finding / defining their ego, the first part of Individuation as described in Jungian/analytic psychology.

psycho-pass S3 – 03

It’s interesting how they chose such a drastic different way to do the story-telling. The time skip gives so many opportunities though.

And why the greek mythology hrm…

The funny thing is how well this arc and the previous reflects current events.

psycho-pass S3 03a

psycho-pass S3 03b

Tough job.

psycho-pass S3 03c