welcome to the ballroom – 12-14


so good

so awesome.

i really like the tatara – chi dynamics. jealous

ballroom 12b2ballroom 13aballroom 13bballroom 13cballroom 14d


new game!! (S2) – 12 (END)


usually slice of life shows’ ending are more unsettling – but this felt like an actual ending so it was not as bad. apparently the anime caught up to the manga too.

there are rumblings of a season 3… but i don’t feel like looking for the official news.

got to catch up with made in abyss (episodes 12 and 13), isekai shokudo (11-13), katsugeki touekn ranbu (on episode 2 oops) and fate/aprocypha (on episode 2 oops oops), jigoku shoujo S4 (recap episodes). and finish off welcome to the ballroom… but i gotta hit up the PS4 now

new game s2 12a

all these shows about creating makes me want to create something. probably a story and/or music.

goal: write the concept / story for a RPG with heavy focus on existentliaism, MBTI, enneagram.


re-creators – 20-22 (END)


hmm a few thoughts

1) it did end up cleaning up a bit too neatly.

2) Magane’s fate is not explained.

3) and

re-creators 22a

i need a wife that will say such things to me and do such things with me

re-creators 22bre-creators 22dre-creators 22ere-creators 22fre-creators 22hre-creators 22i

sorry, i’m not usually like this… but there are so many female characters that i like this season.

princess principal – 11 – 12 (END)



i REALLY hope this means there will be another season. there is WAY too much potential to let this end here. yes there’s a game… but it will be in japanese. oh ok well fine. i must learn to read japanese.

did mention how much i love chise.

princess principal 12cprincess principal 12c2princess principal 12c3princess principal 12c4princess principal 12c5princess principal 12dprincess principal 12d2princess principal 12d3princess principal 12d4