full metal panic! S4 – 05-07


uh this show is awesome. it needs to be more well known.

full metal panic S4 05afull metal panic S4 06a

found my favorite girl of this series.

full metal panic S4 07a


full metal panic S4 07bfull metal panic S4 07c

uhhh super kakoi


hisone to masotan – 07-08


another great thing that makes this great anime great is it’s juxtaposition of many familiar anime components – the romantic comedy, the fantastical, the traditional japanese / shinto reference , the awkward characters, the camaraderie, the slice of life, and the great voice acting.

this makes this a unique anime. it would interest anime watchers of all different levels of experience from novices to those that have watched a lot.

hisone to masotan 07ahisone to masotan 07a2

絹番莉々子 Kinutsugai Ririko ; seiyuu = 新井 里美 Arai Satomi

kuroko from toaru railgun / index

eldora from wixoss

ceres from tales of berseria (such a good game, the best tales game in my opinion)

and a lot of other supporting roles.

she has this unique voice, which she uses to adapt to so many different kinds of characters.

i think she is one of the best. it’s interesting how she basically does a lot of supporting characters. i want to watch a show she leads on.