to aru majutsu no index iii – 10

kamijou touma – ancillary skill – unintentional harem

toaru index iii 10a


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toaru index iii 10etoaru index iii 10e2


sword art online alicization (s3) 10

This season… this episode may do away with my previous doubts about this series. Actually this season is the best SAO so far. It’s been very long since an anime episode had me this gripped.

The motif of “law” and ethics in the form of the taboo index finally returns illustrating one of this season’s themes… life’s themes.

I’m sure there are some that would criticize this episode, but I think most of those people are just not able to accept the darkness in the human heart.

sao alicization 10a2sao alicization 10b

The idea of social class, nobility, and such is long recorded in human history. This scene brings together all of the themes of this show in one:

1) Eugeo’s struggle with aligning his actions with his beliefs.

2) Willpower manifesting into sensible reality – the very concept of being better than someone else giving someone power.

3) Law and ethics in the form of the taboo index.

sao alicization 10csao alicization 10dsao alicization 10e

System call.

sword art online iii (alicization) 09

I really like how they are able to form such a world without violating the integrity of the already existing show. In fact, this story line being placed in the SAO framework gives it a deeper meaning even though this alicization story line is great on its own. This is another reason why I give this season applause.

sao alicization 09bsao alicization 09b2

Philosophy of ethics, law, moralism… lovely. Reminds me of psycho-pass (can’t wait for those movies 2019~~~)

sao alicization 09c

sao alicization 09d

to aro majutsu no index iii – 09

The whirlwind pace of this season cannot be understated. I would like to know why they decided to rush the pace to this extent. Pretty much all of the scenes could have been better if extended, especially the scene with Mikasa.

toaru index iii 09atoaru index iii 09c

The amount of character/relation development in this scene was astounding, but was whizzed by. You really want me to read the light novels don’t you…

toaru index iii 09e

The life of a busy high school student – international political intrigue, supernatural/magical battles, being fawned over by many women, saving lives and the world… and remembering to go to class enough to graduate.

sword art online S3 – 08

yes, the story line was good.


sao alicization 08bsao alicization 08c

kajiura yuki’s music usually has a distinct flavor to it that is usually toned down (on purpose i think) in SAO, but it seeped out during/after the fight scene.

ah i want to meet her.

sao alicization 08dsao alicization 08d2

it’s funny how the eastern predilection for imagination and intuition highlights the concept of intention, images, meaning and yet there are many modern western people now catching on to its importance… whether they know or not that it was always there and whether they acknowledge its presence in the east (and other “non modern” cultures). what carl jung would say if he watched anime. i think he would have watched a lot. maybe i should become a jungian analysis/commentator on anime.

sao alicization 08e

this scene was cool… but way too short.

gyakuten saiban – S2 – 02-04

what a whirlwind.

my complaints of this show still stand, and i realize won’t change. the pace is really hectic and the trial parts aren’t heavy enough. the comedy is done well though.

but mayoi is really the highlight of this show.

it looks like the next 2 episodes are anime-original. i get the sense there will be more of that this season.

Gyakuten Saiban s2 02aGyakuten Saiban s2 04aGyakuten Saiban s2 04a2Gyakuten Saiban s2 04bGyakuten Saiban s2 04c

Gyakuten Saiban s2 05aGyakuten Saiban s2 05a2
Gyakuten Saiban s2 03a

godot… perhaps the most tragic character here

Gyakuten Saiban s2 05b