sword art online alternative: gun gale online (henceforth GGO ) – 01-02


i originally had low expectations for this show.

wow this show is blowing me away so far. it is quite well done and the first episode really had me gripped.

though i’m not concern, i’m pretty sure all of the guns and paraphernalia are accurately depicted.

ggo 01aggo 01bggo 01b2ggo 02b


persona 5 the animation – 02


(note i am not a jung theory expert…… yet)

(note: spoilers)

persona 5 02bpersona 5 02b2

The shadow archetype is supposed to be the unconscious subdued part of the self. this game/show puts a twist on it where the shadow part of the self “leaks” into reality / consciousness, allowing for Kamoshida to behave more like the self that he would normally have subdued.

this is in line with the persona series metamotif of the blurring of the distinction that the conscious self has from the shadow self, where the shadow overcomes and becomes the self.

persona 5 02c


the jungian concept of the “face” or identity that is portrayed in different situations. one of the big problems i have with this series is that only the main character (with exceptions) have access to more than one persona. yes, the other playable characters get other personas, but really they are “evolutions” of previous personas.)

this is why i like persona 4 a lot more, where the theme was “identity” rather than persona 5 that has the theme of “freedom.” the characters personas are direct manifestations and outcomes of their facing aspects of their self. while this is true in persona 5 as well, the “freedom” theme limits the scope of self that their personas can represent. “persona” is not simply the spirit of rebellion, but the various spirits of everything.


the voice acting is awesome, as it was in the game. the pace is actually better than i expected. definitely rushed though.


persona 5 – the animation – 01


having played the game and knowing how anime adapts game original source material, i have low expectations for this show. pacing is usually way too fast to do the story justice. maybe if they made it 52+ episodes…

regardless, as a persona fan, Carl Jung fan, and anime fan, i must watch this.

maybe i’ll focus on the jungian concepts as i watch the show…

persona 5 01apersona 5 01a2