overlord II – catch up to 10


yes, i have been watching this.

the “now in the world of a game” can be considered as a genre of its own… .hack, log horizon, SAO… and overlord. they all have their unique twists on it.

overlord’s niche definitely comes in the growth of the NPCs. so much time is spent in describing the world and its characters in detail that it really gives a great scope of this world.

the pace is somewhat slow. the action scenes are not sake for the action… though the “rpg” mindset of them does fill me with glee.

overlord ii 10b

this is actually the most fearsome character so far.


the ancient magus’ bride – 19-22


this show is so powerful.

most shows have conflicts that are mostly external with glimpses of the internal. in this show, the internal struggles are really the highlight with the external circumstances being the avenue for them.

the Chise X Elias offers an interesting glimpse of jungian psychological preference / MBTI dynamics. Chise’s F and Elias’ T clash so frequently that this show would not work without it. the other part of their relationship that is fascinating is the dichotomy between mutual acceptance and yet holding back themselves so thoroughly – so painful, yet so real.

episode 22. i did not expect this. i had not thought that they would actually visit the background elements. to have the powerful past actually be delineated was amazing.

Mahoutsukai no Yome 22aMahoutsukai no Yome 22b

Sword Art Online Movie – Ordinal Scale

after a mostly (but not entirely) disappointing self half of SAO season 1 and most of season 2, the movie was quite good and an excellent teaser for season 3 and maybe also the spinoff coming up in april 2018.

but i won’t get my hopes too high.

the last battle scene was extra nice… though a bit short. i enjoyed how they involved characters and stories from ALO and GGO.

from a philosophical and psychological perspective, the concept of virtual reality vs augmented reality, though not the main point, is a running motif. it is more poignant given the latest advances in technology with augmented reality technology (though still young), a popular example being pok√©mon go. yuuna’s short monologue about how “dreams and virtual worlds are more or less the same thing” and both becoming a memory was poignant, though i wish it got more development.

namely, how virtual reality and augmented reality should be considered as manifestations of the jungian concept of the collective unconscious that is “tangible” to the conscious.

kajiura yuki sama’s music took more of a smaller role, similar to all her SAO work. it’s good as always, but her SAO work does not rank on the top of my list.

Sword Art Online Movie - Ordinal Scale aSword Art Online Movie - Ordinal Scale bSword Art Online Movie - Ordinal Scale cSword Art Online Movie - Ordinal Scale dSword Art Online Movie - Ordinal Scale eSword Art Online Movie - Ordinal Scale fSword Art Online Movie - Ordinal Scale f2Sword Art Online Movie - Ordinal Scale g