Schwarzesmarken 01-03

mmmm so

Schwarzesmarken 01a

i saw this and thought “wow this is so similar to a show i’ve seen before, how unoriginal” then i realized it is EXACTLY the same. it is part of the same franchise

it is a visual novel eroge that became somewhat a franchise.

a spinoff anime muv-luv alternative: total eclipse aired in 2012. i still have chills remembering the first 2 episodes. the only reason i finished that show was because of how impact-ful the first 2 episodes were. it was based on a light novel, so it ended rather abruptly…

anyway – this is a very heavy show with a lot of violence. and political intrigue. and it is just very intense in general. i recommended this schwarzesmarken show (which is also another light novel spin off) to those looking for something more involved and intense. but be prepared. really.

Schwarzesmarken 02a

whenever i hear this word, i think of the second OP of kirarin revolution (which i started but didn’t have enough otaku power to finish) which reminds me of the medley song nico nico douga ryuuseigen as it’s included in the medley.

original here:

my favorite version (chaos version) here:

by the way, one of my goals is to watch/play every original of songs that are part of this medley. this is one of my favorite videos ever. it really ups your otaku level.

by the way, a balalaika is a russian stringed instrument.

Schwarzesmarken 03aSchwarzesmarken 03a2

chock full of moving scenes

Schwarzesmarken 03b

and more moving scenes


Koukaku no Pandora 01-02

i started the first episode – and i thought “meh not that good”.

but starting the second episode, it got somewhat interesting.

the pace is a bit fast and some plot elements are forced, but it has a good balance of drama, comedy, action, and girl-robots (not robot-girls) and such. there are these infrequent odd fan-service male gaze, which seems actually out of place.

anyway, i might watch this if i happen to have extra time, but it won’t be on my “definitely watch” list for this season.

Koukaku no Pandora 01aKoukaku no Pandora 02a

ZAQ’s ani-songs are a hit or miss… this one is pretty good.

Koukaku no Pandora -02b

musaigen no phantom world 02-03

so i would say this is a very shounen show, with the male-gaze shots and battling.

it is done rather well, and the background of it, and characters, although not perfect, work well.

another plus is the vast amount of references – this show is based on a novel.

i’m actually quite surprised at the amount / depth of references. although, i must say, it’s not something past someone researching stuff to come up with…

but it’s interesting to see philosophers, traditional five-element chinese medicine / metaphysics / philosophy, demonology, psychology, japanese history/folk-lore all being reference.

Musaigen 02aMusaigen 02a5

as a philosophy major, i did not think that this was a good explanation of immanuel kant’s categories. it would have been better of using phenomenology or plato’s ideas as a better explanation (although, granted, they are all related in a way)

Musaigen 02b

i imagined the seiyuu doing this line… i wonder how many tries it took. maybe it took just one.

Musaigen 02c

arayashiki – the japanese translation/term for the buddhist idea of the eighth-level consciousness – the store consciousness. i would like to think that this company was named this on purpose, which would be an interesting statement of how these phantoms are a perceivable manifestation of this storehouse consciousness.

Musaigen 02d

she so far has been using the ke cycle to fight. the use of the five elements, especially of her physical touching of the body part near the physical organ that is associated with that element – remarkably well researched and implemented. i applaud.

Musaigen 02e

philosophy of language.

Musaigen 03a

Musaigen 03dMusaigen 03d2i’m not sure if this is supposed to be a reference to the buddhist idea of store-house consciousness / arayashiki, or perhaps carl jung’s collective unconscious, or maybe something else altogether – it is all similar though.

i will be honest – watching this show makes me feel smart that i know what the references are and what is going on without having to look thinks up. i did look up marchosias, though. i think it also showcases my anime-blogger-abilities.

it’s not a great show, but it is interesting enough to watch.


luck & logic 01-03

this show is so-so so far.

nothing about it is terrible… but i have a feeling it’s going to be one of those shows that couldn’t fulfill it’s own potential.

we have good background/setting, characters, okay music, likable animation… but not enough.

luck and logic 01aluck and logic 01bluck and logic 01c

so it’s these concepts in the middle of physics (a la theory of everything) and metaphysics, and bordering psychological concepts (a la mythology/collective unconscious by carl jung), and a sort of will-to-power special ability -existentialism that make me like anime in general, and this show bats off from the beginning with these as the layout… but i have this feeling it’s just not going to be explored well. who knows.

this show is a maybe watch for this season.

灰と幻想のグリムガル Hai to Gensō no Gurimugaru

aka grimgar of fantasy and ash

aka Grimgar le Monde des cendres et de fantaisie

i like show. a lot.

i like the slow-pace, quaint nature.

the art is AMAZING.

the music is SPLENDID. the OP, ED, and insert song are by a group (K)NoW_NAME. immediately fell in love. must have. CD’s come out in february. I am preordering~

characters are RIVETING

looks like it is based on a light novel and there are 7 volumes… so that’s enough a good number of episodes.

what is this show about? how would i describe it?

imagine being in an rpg… but in real life. and not with status bars and HP. and you need to make the money to make a living.

there’s action, there are worries. there is victory, there is failure.

mmm. highly recommended~~~

Grimgar 02a

Grimgar 02b

Grimgar 02cdid i mention, i really like the art?

boku dake ga inai machi (ERASED) – 02

this will be the show i buy the BD for this season. A rank or higher, it is.

it looks like they’re releasing it in 2 releases with multiple discs each time, instead of the traditional 1 disc per release.

boku dake 02b

this episode… this episode… i really like this kind of show. it was absolutely riveting, and kajiura yuki’s music … i can tell it’s her, but she definitely took a different approach for the music for this show.

boku dake 02a

it would have been awesome if i had such friends in elementary school to talk about final fantasy and dragon quest.

boku dake 02c