things to do (january 2016)

my list of shows i have yet to get to…

lupin iii
monogatari series
.hack // sign
gundam wing: iron blooded orphans
gundam seed destiny
tsubasa reservoir chronicles
cossette no shouzou
the perfect insider (life action)
sakura wars
catch up with fairy tail, naruto shippuuden, sailor moon crystal

(my goal is to watch every show the amazing kajiura yuki has done music for… listening to the recent release functionjunction live best 2 got my frisson-ing every time)

playstation vita – ar nosurge plus
playstation 3 – tales of zestiria
PC – touhou 14, 15
wii u – smash 4

i need a winter break or a summer vacation to get this all done.

or get paid to do this.



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