Schwarzesmarken 01-03

mmmm so

Schwarzesmarken 01a

i saw this and thought “wow this is so similar to a show i’ve seen before, how unoriginal” then i realized it is EXACTLY the same. it is part of the same franchise

it is a visual novel eroge that became somewhat a franchise.

a spinoff anime muv-luv alternative: total eclipse aired in 2012. i still have chills remembering the first 2 episodes. the only reason i finished that show was because of how impact-ful the first 2 episodes were. it was based on a light novel, so it ended rather abruptly…

anyway – this is a very heavy show with a lot of violence. and political intrigue. and it is just very intense in general. i recommended this schwarzesmarken show (which is also another light novel spin off) to those looking for something more involved and intense. but be prepared. really.

Schwarzesmarken 02a

whenever i hear this word, i think of the second OP of kirarin revolution (which i started but didn’t have enough otaku power to finish) which reminds me of the medley song nico nico douga ryuuseigen as it’s included in the medley.

original here:

my favorite version (chaos version) here:

by the way, one of my goals is to watch/play every original of songs that are part of this medley. this is one of my favorite videos ever. it really ups your otaku level.

by the way, a balalaika is a russian stringed instrument.

Schwarzesmarken 03aSchwarzesmarken 03a2

chock full of moving scenes

Schwarzesmarken 03b

and more moving scenes


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