hai to gensou no grimgar – 05-06

one of the things i like about this show is the mixing of opposite

the things are the subtle, yet blatant

the things that are commonplace, yet the most meaningful

it showcases the unclarity, haziness of life.

for some reason, this reminded me heideggar’s concept of DaSein – of the existential “being there”. as well the existential concept (iterated from my perspective and words) that the most meaning in a moment comes from full attention and awareness to the moment, yet the heaviness that comes with it brings with it a certain burden as well.

’tis where the details and the whole picture are both intended, and attended to, accepted and integrated.

Grimgar 05b

favorite girl of the season = yume?

Grimgar 06c

so pretty.

i could probably watch this show simply for the pretty animation and spectacular music.


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