Dimension W – catch up to 12 (end)



so spring anime season starts soon… so i have to catch up and finish the shows i deem worthy of being finished.

this was a rather good show. i rather like this “formula” of the first half setting up for the climax. it was done really well. worth watching. the manga is ongoing though… the anime did a good job of ending it though.

but really, in the end, it was about the moe robot.

dimension W 08adimension W 08bdimension W 08ddimension W 10a

adorable indeed

dimension W 09adimension W 11bdimension W 12adimension W 12bdimension W 12c


Hai to Gensou no Grimgar – 12 (END)


mmmmm a satisfying ending…

i want more, but it was a good way to end the show.

and i got plenty of Yume this episode!

yume, seiyuu = 小松 未可子 Komatsu Mikako

let’s see, what else was she in that i watched and liked…

totsuki saika from oregairu

kato marika from bodacious space pirates

ooh she was in last exile: fam the silver wing (yikes that was a good show…)

and some others…


grimgar 12jm

grimgar 12bgrimgar 12b2grimgar 12dgrimgar 12dfgrimgar 12ggrimgar 12g2grimgar 12jl

if you couldn’t tell, i really like yume…

grimgar 12i

GATE – 24 (END)


last episode….

….. is there where it ends?

what about a rory arc with hardy? what happens with pina, the empire, zolzal??

3rd season? movie?!

is this where the light novel series ended?!

where are my answers?!


nooo need more information!

gate 24b

kuribayashi shino. definitely my favorite member of the third recon unit. petite + feisty + can beat me up.

gate 24cgate 24c2gate 24c3

gate 24c4gate 24hi

rory mercury – always makes me feel…. a certain special way

gate 24e4

another one of the loose ends……. one of the more interesting characters – tyuule . she’s probably the only important character with a significant inner struggle. so undeveloped…

gate 24hfgate 24hm

i wonder if i would be into doujinshi . i guess there’s one best way to find out…

Tamayura – graduation photo – part 3


this will go down in history as one of my favorite slice of life shows.

this reminds me of the time i was interested in photography.

it makes more sense to me now, as i have come to understand my infj-ness. perhaps i will get into it again… along with the myriad other things i am doing…

tamayura graduation 3a

the mini-maon arc

tamayura graduation 3btamayura graduation 3b2tamayura graduation 3b3tamayura graduation 3b4tamayura graduation 3b5tamayura graduation 3c

and finally… fuu

tamayura graduation 3d

this shot – amazing how one can know exactly what the character is thinking, and immediately just by this one shot.

tamayura graduation 3etamayura graduation 3fooo i’m so good at that!

Psycho-Pass: Movie (Eng Dub in Theater)

so i went to watch this today.

now i did watch the english subbed version a while back… and when i found out this was going to a showing of the dubbed version, i was disappointed.

so speaking of the voice acting, it was mostly… okay. maybe voice actors should learn how to pronounce japanese names correctly. very irritating.

the only one that did a very good job was Major Attaway, who did Desmond Rutaganda. So they got a black person to voice a black character. maybe they should use more asian-american voice actors for subbing anime.


i absolutely love this series. there’s always a revelation, inspiration when i watch it.

it is not S rank for nothing.

i want to rewatch the series and the movie again. one of my goals is to write an indepth blog post about each episode with as much referencing as possible.