Psycho-Pass: Movie (Eng Dub in Theater)

so i went to watch this today.

now i did watch the english subbed version a while back… and when i found out this was going to a showing of the dubbed version, i was disappointed.

so speaking of the voice acting, it was mostly… okay. maybe voice actors should learn how to pronounce japanese names correctly. very irritating.

the only one that did a very good job was Major Attaway, who did Desmond Rutaganda. So they got a black person to voice a black character. maybe they should use more asian-american voice actors for subbing anime.


i absolutely love this series. there’s always a revelation, inspiration when i watch it.

it is not S rank for nothing.

i want to rewatch the series and the movie again. one of my goals is to write an indepth blog post about each episode with as much referencing as possible.



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