GATE – 24 (END)

last episode….

….. is there where it ends?

what about a rory arc with hardy? what happens with pina, the empire, zolzal??

3rd season? movie?!

is this where the light novel series ended?!

where are my answers?! 

nooo need more information!

gate 24b

kuribayashi shino. definitely my favorite member of the third recon unit. petite + feisty + can beat me up.

gate 24cgate 24c2gate 24c3

gate 24c4gate 24hi

rory mercury – always makes me feel…. a certain special way

gate 24e4

another one of the loose ends……. one of the more interesting characters – tyuule . she’s probably the only important character with a significant inner struggle. so undeveloped…

gate 24hfgate 24hm

i wonder if i would be into doujinshi . i guess there’s one best way to find out…


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