gyakuten saiban (turnabout trial) / ace attorney – 01-02

so finally

as a huge fan of the video game series, i was really looking forward to this show.

and it is not disappointing.

the OST: appropriate, but i’m glad they kept some of the key music, like the witness/cross-examination music sequence. so many memories.

the voice-acting: appropriate

the art/animation: a bit… bright, but it works.

the OP and ED are so so, i like the ED more.

i replayed the first two cases on game 1 last week so it is fresh in my memory. some of the translation/text are literally taken from the game translation.

major gripe: they kept the english names. i would have preferred that they put the japanese names in the subtitles. but oh well.

gyakuten saiban 01fgyakuten saiban 01b

i really want this bag now

gyakuten saiban 01egyakuten saiban 02aAyasato Mayoi 綾里真宵

seiyuu八武崎 碧 Yabusaki Aoi , one of my favorites.

she did = Kayo from boku dake inai machi

ringo-chan from danshii koukousei no nichijou

kaname madoka from MadoMagi

giselle from last exile – fam, the silver wing (ugh what a great show, must rewatch)

victorique from Gosick

of course she did a bunch more, but i really liked all these shows and characters

it’s a bit interesting, since she did not voice mayoi in other media (eg layton vs gyakuten game etc), but i’m glad she’s doing it.

i want to sit down and figure out the entire game OST on guitar. yes i love it that much.



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