gyakuten saiban – episodes 03-04

this is one of those shows that’s hard to watch if you don’t know the source material. it’s lost on those that havn’t played the game. maybe it will get people to play the game.

the main difference from the game is the the loss of tension and catecholamine release during the cross-examination sessions. it’s too… light in the anime. it’s a combination of the music and the overall atmosphere. but i love this series.

gyakuten saiban 03b

i want this plant now

gyakuten saiban 04a

i always love focus lines

gyakuten saiban 04b

more importantly. trailer for gyakuten saiban 6 – out in japan in june… and hopefully english translation soon. OR i could just learn all hiragana, katakana, and necessary kanji in two months?! i do have a japanese 3ds loitering around somewhere…

anime intro:

i never watch trailers and such really… but i guess i must be a real fanboy.



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