flying witch – catch up to episode 7

why have i made myself so busy to the point where i cannot routinely enjoy my anime and my video games.

everything about this show is so quaint. i love it. i shall now introduce the “quaint” tag.

the slice of life juxtaposed with these supernatural elements is done very well.

flying witch 05aflying witch 05bflying witch 05cflying witch 05dflying witch 06aflying witch 7abflying witch 7acflying witch 7adflying witch 7aeflying witch 7a2e


One thought on “flying witch – catch up to episode 7

  1. I like when Makoto’s friend touch Chito-san. Just watch and I can feel the same when I touched cat. i like more when they collected vegetable ingredient at the forest. and they did many times in other episodes too. but it’s unfortunate for me to watch this episode during nighttime. That chocolate cake and apple pie made me get hungry.

    And finally, Akane appeared in “Flying Witch Petit”. I can’t remember witch episode she came but please enjoy watching her in streaming clip I got and wrote in my post.


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