kiznaiver – catch up to 12 (end)

really, i could and would like to write a thesis-level worthy post about some combination of different in religion, psychology of the east and west culminating in major cultural differences from a Jungian perspective with serious consideration of group psychological functions and the major difference between the collective and “Intuitive” nature of the “East” and individualistic and “Sensing” of the “West.” but i have a job, classes i take, and a dinner to cook.

P.S. ❤ Nico. the romanticist.

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gyakuten saiban 11-12

it looks like the next episode is an anime only.

so overall, i am not really satisfied by this anime adaption. the animation is decent and the voice-acting is great… but everything else is lacking.

but, mayoi-chai is chou-kawaii/moe

gyakuten saiban 11agyakuten saiban 11cgyakuten saiban 12bgyakuten saiban 12cgyakuten saiban 12d

gyakuten saiban 11b

the infamous parrot witness cross-examination

flying witch 09

you know a show is quaint by its OST

flying witch 09c

flying witch 09d

“According to the legend, when the root is dug up, it screams and kills all who hear it.”

flying witch 09eflying witch 09e2

i would like to grow some vegetables and fruits one day…

animal “fortune-telling” the sub group had a link

mine is here:

animal fortune

not sure if it’s the barnum effect or not… but i agree with a lot of it…

especially the last line

gyakuten saiban – 08-10

i incorrectly thought that this case would be 3 episodes. i was wrong.

but things are finally riling up a bit and getting more serious.

gyakuten saiban 08agyakuten saiban 08cgyakuten saiban 09b

seiyuu八武崎 碧 Yabusaki Aoi , is doing a marvelous job here. in fact, all of the seiyuu are awesome in this show.

gyakuten saiban 08b

gyakuten saiban 09a