rewrite 01

i knew this is based on a visual novel because of some research i did on it before hand.

it looks like it’s a Key production.

really i have not seen a key VN based anime that i have liked more than Clannad.

i would have realized this show is based on an a visual novel game even without researching it – the tropes, the characters, relationships, plot points are all telling.

this was really an introductory episode. as usual there’s a lot going on, and many many characters had to be introduced, as well the protagonist’s relationship with them… as well as this mystical aspect.

these shows can only be evaluated on a slow steady pace as that is how it unfurls. and i usually enjoy the Key works… although i never finished a game. I got to one ending in Clannad… and I have the angel beats! 1st game somewhere… but it’s in japanese. ha

rewrite 01arewrite 01brewrite 01crewrite 01drewrite 01e

one more life goal: learn more about jungian depth/analytic psychology, and analyze japaneseĀ otaku media from an analytic psychology perspective.


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