amanchu! – 01-05

ah yes, the lovely quaint show of the season for me.

this OP is my favorite of this season. those key changes oooo so subtle… yes to jarring.

this is a show that can be watched weekly or in marathon. how rare.

plus this show makes me want to scuba dive… though i should learn to swim first… and i never got around to biking (YowaPeda)

Amanchu! 04b

reminds me of rock lee’s eyes…


Amanchu! 03b2Amanchu! 03bAmanchu! 03aAmanchu! 01dAmanchu! 01b

kohinata hikari…. SO very ENFP

Amanchu! 03c

her type… is less clear for now. IXFX

Amanchu! 02c

Amanchu! 01c

i wonder how i would have reacted if i heard this in high school.

Amanchu! 05aAmanchu! 05a2

… i have to ask. do people do this in real life?


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