summer 2016 catch up… wait fall is here…

i will finish off soon



shokugeki no souma

so i still need to catch up with…

gyakuten saiban


relife (which i havn’t started)

tales of zestiria



I might wait to watch berserk and tales of zestiria the X as they have 2nd cours coming up in 2017, and watch it before they start.

i also did start watching shirobako recently… and rewatch EF season 1.


ReZero kara hajimeru isekai seikatsu – 25 (END)

well i was expecting something bad to happen. but i am glad it ended well. judging by how much original source material there is, there is potential for more animation.

i said it, and i will say it again – this is one of the must watch-es of this year.


best voice acting


best lines


hmmmm okay maybe i will go back to the emilia camp from the rem camp.

Tales of Zestiria the X – up to 06

absolute genius.

follow up the 20th anniversary game with a intro movie, which follows with an anime… which includes 2 episodes that tells the (beginning of i assume) of the next game Tales of Berseria that came out in japan FOUR DAYS AFTER THE AIRING OF THE SECOND EPISODE. artistic, intricate marketing.

PLUS ufotable┬áis absolutely great as an animation company. i don’t remember ever being disappointed in their animation. their intricate combination of traditional and CG animation is quite intriguing.

anyway, i want to play this game – … actually i still need to play the Tales of Zestiria – Alisha’s story.

velvet seems like she will be a protagonist i will like much much much more than i did sorey