mahou shoujo ikusei keikaku – 04

episode 1 starts off with quite a scene.


it’s to let you know… this isn;t e happy go lucky mahou shoujo show

kikeru… all of the people comparing this to to MadoMagi … it does have a certain meta aspect to it… and a certain darkness.

any screenshots gives away the plot… which is key. it’s so rare to have such good character and story development at the same time.

OST is decent, OP/ED are decent.

voice acting is superb.

art is AMAZING



well, as for the story… the plot twists are slight… yet significant.

this is definitely a must watch of the season.

and my intuition says… this show will not disappoint in that aspect.

WiXoss – S3 – 02

definitely not as good as the original series. it lacks the desperation and darkness that surrounded the first show.

i see that the director changed.

ho hum. the OP and ED are ehhhh.

i hope this doesn’t continue with the formula with the 2 protagonists ending up facing off against each other in a big climax.

it all seems rushed, and you don’t really get a good sense/glimpse of the protagonists’ motives and hearts.

it looks like the selector destructed WIXOSS movie is a retelling of the original with new characters and a different ending? i want to watch…. i want Ruuko back.

oh here it is. oh wait i already got it 10 days ago. Ha i forgot. i want to watch… but have to sleep…