gyakuten saiban – anime – catch up to 24 (end)

mmmm as i said before, and other reviews have stated. it was not terrible… but it did not capture the love i have for the original game series.

yes, said love.


psyche-locks… got a few-second-cameo


the tension and despair of the cross-examination was totally lost.

but, yes the basic story is good so the finale was good.

really, mayoichan is what got me through this. ❤ the superb voice acting was just … superb.


by the way, gyakuten saiban 6 was awesome. it is now my 2nd favorite game in the series, after gyakuten saiban 3. … mmm gyakuten kenji 2 would be in 3rd place.

i havn’t played  the dai gyakuten saiban… of which they are making a sequel?! maybe there’s a fan translation out there?

they apparently released the original trilogy on 3ds with updated graphics… i must play.

though i still have psycho pass: mandatory happiness to get through…

oh the final chapter of odin sphere leventhan…

oh root letter coming out in november 10

oh steins;gate 0 coming out november 29



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