stella no mahou – 08-09

with baka updates gone, i mostly find my subbed anime here now… besides the lessening number of fansubbing groups with websites..

anyway, watching this show makes me happy. it’s the combination of the vibrant colors, the vivifying drawing, great voice acting, earnest¬†characters, the quaint slice of life storyline.

i smile a lot watching this show.


i love focus lines. such a staple.


i reflect on the the moments that give me this sentiment.



hibike euphonium S2 – 04

so the debate is whether to watch the episodes as soon as they come out, or be a faithful fansubber follower. baka-updates shutting down was not at all unexpected and we are definitely in a transition zone in the anime world in terms of international releases…


kumiko oumae why i feel this closeness to this character so much? maybe it’s a anima thing.



after watching¬†shirobako,¬† i have a new found respect. this scenery, on screen for a mere ~5 seconds… how much work went into it. it is beautiful by the way.