yuri!!! on ice (entire season)


yes i watched all of it in pretty much one sitting.

there comes a show from time to time that changes things, and makes an impact. and not because the show is popular, or even good sometimes, but it just makes an impact.

this is one of those shows.

everything about this show is just well done. from OP to ED and everything in between. it’s real life, yet it is animated, it has the anime tropes, yet it is the everyday.

there have been competition shows before, someĀ shounen style, someĀ shoujo style, with the typical themes of growth, overcoming but this show does it in a way that is simply better. it’s simply something you must appreciate.

you must applaud the amount of work that went into this show. it’s not a matter of if you like it or not, it’s just simply good.

this show, along with the rest of 2016, really stepped up the mark for japanese animation television. i look forward to what 2017 has to bring.



tamayura – graduation photo – #4 (END)


this series has an interesting place in my heart. maybe i’ll buy the bd/dvd’s. A rank.

i’ve been watching it for years.

i could not figure out really why until now.

i really like the main character, sawatari fu “potte”, maybe because i relate to her in some way.

this is true slice of life. not slice of life drama, not slice of life comedy, but simply slice of life and of coming of age.

no tricks, just life.

it’s amazing how they can pack so much into short scenes, even one simple shot.

i don’t know if i would really recommend this to anyone… maybe those looking for true slice of life / coming of age.


gi(a)rlish number – catch up to 12 (end)


i think the last time a show that had scenes that made me cringe like this was WataMote

you could call it slice of life… you could call it drama… but really it’s very life-like and realistic (though it’s not like i know what the anime industry is like)… but chitose was very real. a bunch of “oof” parts. she’s a person you hate and love.

ok and with that i almost caught up with the fall shows… i have to finish hibike once episode 13 airs in 2 days…

i am debating whether or not to watch occultic;nine . i didn’t like the first episode… but it’s in the “;” series and is written by the creator of steins;gate

maybe lostorage wixoss… and i have a few summer shows i said i would catch up on.

oops, and i started to play persona 4 golden two days ago. oop. more things to do!


mahou shoujo ikusei keikaku – catch up to 12 (END)



that ended up being quite more bonkers than i expected.

every episode it was “masaka….. they wouldn’t…” then they did.

i thought this show would be so-so, but the latter half really had me on edge.

i would say A rank, this show is.

i always do like these dark and intense, psychologically impact-ful shows.

the many issues it dealt with was deft. though very “magical”, this show is so very real.


stella no mahou – 12 (END)

this show joins the rank of female cast – slice of life shows that are quite well done and i like.

along with lucky star, k-on!, non non biyori.

i am always sad when shows like these end. i doubt they would make a second second. maybe i shall read the manga.

… this means the fall season is ending. i have several shows i need to catch up on…

well i was playing steins;gate 0 this week, which was awesome by the way.


i want to go one day.



i think she’s actually my favorite in this show.