gi(a)rlish number – catch up to 12 (end)

i think the last time a show that had scenes that made me cringe like this was WataMote

you could call it slice of life… you could call it drama… but really it’s very life-like and realistic (though it’s not like i know what the anime industry is like)… but chitose was very real. a bunch of “oof” parts. she’s a person you hate and love.

ok and with that i almost caught up with the fall shows… i have to finish hibike once episode 13 airs in 2 days…

i am debating whether or not to watch occultic;nine . i didn’t like the first episode… but it’s in the “;” series and is written by the creator of steins;gate

maybe lostorage wixoss… and i have a few summer shows i said i would catch up on.

oops, and i started to play persona 4 golden two days ago. oop. more things to do!



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