yuri!!! on ice (entire season)


yes i watched all of it in pretty much one sitting.

there comes a show from time to time that changes things, and makes an impact. and not because the show is popular, or even good sometimes, but it just makes an impact.

this is one of those shows.

everything about this show is just well done. from OP to ED and everything in between. it’s real life, yet it is animated, it has the anime tropes, yet it is the everyday.

there have been competition shows before, some shounen style, some shoujo style, with the typical themes of growth, overcoming but this show does it in a way that is simply better. it’s simply something you must appreciate.

you must applaud the amount of work that went into this show. it’s not a matter of if you like it or not, it’s just simply good.

this show, along with the rest of 2016, really stepped up the mark for japanese animation television. i look forward to what 2017 has to bring.



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