3-gatsu no lion 12-15


this is probably my favorite show in 2016-2017. hai to gensou no grimgar is a VERY close second, but this is my favorite show definitely.

everything – is simply awesome.

this new OP. somewhere the song was nostalgic. then this LINE


this melody is so YUKI. that honey and clover nostalgia hit me like whoa.3gatsu-no-lion-op2b


i bet eating ramen in this bowl makes it taste +10points more delicious


i want


what a great guy



demi-chan wa kataritai 03-04


supernatural + slice of life, but discussion of socio-psychological issues. likable characters.

i like this show. B or C rank. i would recommend this show.


kobayashi-san no maidragon 02-03


yes, i must support the fan-sub groups…. their translation was quite spot on, though they made a mistake here and there, on specifically about shiritori.

i always like shows that juxtapose the everyday with the supernatural/mythic.

i must say though, they did an awesome job with their research into the history/mythology.

you definitely need to have a certain otaku level before you can truly appreciate this show. this is not a beginner anime. ha.


dragon ball and naruto references? well done. well done. and the animation was superb.


standing applause.


it was very awesome how they referenced the mythology of quetzalcoatl and fafnir. well done, i must add.

Gabriel DropOut 03


this is such an interesting spin on the 4-girl nichijou-comedy genre.

the characters are so extreme, but somehow relatable.


this part made my heart heart a bit… but it was funny


… i do enjoy this as well. it’s ironic because this subgroup takes a lot of liberty with their translating.


i know the premise of her character is to be … so dame, but wow she has probably one of the worst personalities in anime history.


if this isn’t a reference to Konata from Lucky Star, please demote my anime-level.

youjo senki 01-02


i usually hate this genre. the military-fiction genre. the animation is a bit stilted and rough… which fits the show.

the only reason i watched the first episode is because the protagonist is voiced by one of my all time favorites: 悠木 碧 Yūki Aoi

Tatsuno Toshiko from Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru

Victorique from GoSick

Giselle from Last Exile- Fam, the Silver Wing

Kaname Madoka from MadoMagi

Ringo from Danshii Koukousei no nichijou

Higikaya Komachi from Oregairu

Tornado from One Punch Man

Kayo from Boku Dake ga inai Machi

and now Tanya from Youjo Senki.

all these shows are A, S rank for me, or great must-watch shows.

it is RIDICULOUS how talanted and prolific she is. I would not be surprised if she is in this work for a long time.

she was in so many great shows AND She is the reason or some of the reason some of these shows are great.

(well yes, some of the other voice acting is great too… and done by well known seiyuu)

and… i kept watching. episode 2 has some backstory… which is out of nowhere interesting.

this is going on my to watch list.