fall 2016 mini review

There were too many good shows this season.

Well, the only S rank show for me is 3-gatsu no lion, but in general the quality of the shows this season were awesome.

Yuri!!! on ice – simply a game changer. From top to bottom, beginning to end, it is a show to note and watch for this year. Quality all across the board was great, and the story/character development was great. Best of all, it was so real. Not just slice of life real, but just real. As I said before, it does not have to do with a like or dislike, this show is just good.

hibike! euphonium S2 – this show is nothing special. but oumae kumiko is someone i relate to so much. it overall does a good job – it does suffer from the slice of life school club genre limitations though. and the KyoAni number of thigh/leg male gaze views was unnecessary as usual.

lostorage wixoss – i havn’t finished yet

stella no mahou – the perfect paradigm of the all-girl school life club show. so well done, and the art was marvelous. the characters are instantly all likable and overall a good show in the genre.

what else was there….

fune wo ami – i watched only one episode, but i do want to watch it at some point…

haikyuu – i am being told to watch all of this show… but there is so much of it…

mahou shoujo ikusei keikaku – creators like to destroy the magical girl genre. you start this show expecting something… and as the show goes along you expect more… then it becomes more… not what you expect. the story is jaw-dropping. the art is so-so, but overall animation, acting was all fine. this show really is about the story.

well those are the shows i watched. i was really busy and couldn’t get through it all…

well i also did play psycho pass – mandatory happiness (pretty good)

root letter (so so)

steins;gate 0 (i love this series, and you need to play this if you played the original… you need to play the original first though)

and i started persona 4 golden, so i would say it was a well accomplished season.


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