kuzu no honkai 01


well this is another must-watch.

and it is not funimation, not crunchyroll.. .but AMAZON. they have a new part to their streaming services called “anime strike” and it has a lot not current shows as well.


this show is killer.

the studio is lerche . they also did mahou shoujo ikusei keikaku which just ended, jinrui wa suitashimashita one of my S rank shows, and bunch of the shows that i thought were done well.

the art is great, but the directing, the directing is absolutely amazing.

the main female character voice actress… i knew it sounded familiar.

it is 安済 知佳 Anzai Chika who was recently kousaka reina in hibike! euphonium, and mary in hai to gensou no grimgar (S RANK). she is so talented. i would not have known they were all her without looking it up.

the story. OH THE STORY. so seinen. yes it is a high school romance. but it so heavy, so so heavy. i like it.

the ED with its Rorschach test like images was jaw-dropping awesome. it pretty much depicts the theme and characters and everything about the show in ~1.5 minutes. genius. maybe it’s just me, but a lot of the images are definitely sexual.

the director is Andou Masaomi. works that i’ve watched include muv luv alternative: total eclipse, white album 2. why is this show so much better than those. i am a fan now.

there is apparently a live action drama that is going to be airing this season as well. that is a bit unusual.


so much detail in this art. it brings the content to life.


the use of these split panels seems odd for the first second, but it becomes perfect henceforth. it is used magnificently in the story telling and to set the tone.


the art: the tone, closeness to reality, vividness juxtaposed with blurriness, interaction with the scene, character, relationship. Ando Masaomi BANZAI~


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