winter 2017 first impression

I was bummed out by all of the so-so shows.. .and actually happy since I thought I could catch up with my work and anime/games, but a few new ones caught my eye, especially fuuka and kuzu no honkai.

So far the shows I know I am going to watch are:

kuzu no honkai

yowapeda season 3


tales of zestiria (though i still have to catch up on cour 1)

3-gatsu no lion

the maybes are:

demi-chan wa kataritai

kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon

konosuba season 2 (maybe i’ll marathon it at the end of the season)

gabriel dropout

rewrite (though i have to catch up on cour 1)

probably not’s are:

masamume-kun no revenge

urara meirochou



i still have to watch:

hand shakers

kemono friends

youjo senki

little witch academia

i’ll try to get through these tomorrow so when i finish my vacation this week i’ll be well prepared to start work again on monday.



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