persona 5 audio

I started persona 5. audio was english.

i was bitter.

i googled.

there is a japanese audio DL.



spring 2017 – 2nd look

There are an interesting mix of super awesome and meh shows this season. I am thankful for this so I can catch up on anime and person 5.

Shows I am going to watch:

shingeki no kyojin – season 2

alice to zouroku

sagrada reset

boruto (probably in spurts)

sakura quest

YowaPeda (probably will watch in spurts)


little witch academia (need to catch up)

saenai (watched season 1, so.)

warau salesman


eromanga sensei

hinako note


busou shoujo machiavellianism

shingeki no kyojin 28

the OP and ED animation pretty much explain the origin of the Titans… and the upcoming truth seems more and more monstrous… or rather, human.

honestly, this show puts so many others to shame. and the best part of it is is that it does not stop.

it’s kind of annoying how they purposefully speak indirectly just for suspense.

shingeki no kyojin 28dshingeki no kyojin 28e

the sheer awesomeness and suspense is so real it’s almost tangible. but why does that look like a box cutter.

shingeki no kyojin 28a

option to not consider because it is too scary = there is no breach.


shingeki no kyojin 28b

2nd favorite gal

shingeki no kyojin 28cshingeki no kyojin 28c2shingeki no kyojin 28c3shingeki no kyojin 28c4

i was going to complain about now enough sasha… until this scene. i was uber-satisfied. want potato.