Planning out my ani-gemu-ing (april 2017)

so my plan.

try to not fall behind on spring shows.

after my trip this week – finish off winter shows kuzu no honkai (2 episodes i think), tales of zestiria the X (so behind), youjo senki (1 episode), kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon (1 episode), fuuka (uh a bunch). i’m debating where to catch up on chaos, konosuba 2, little witch academia, onihei. (havn’t even started these except konosuba…), rewrite (so behind). i may give up on rewrite and hand shakers and do them later.

i keep trying to catch up with naruto. i only have 20ish episodes to do. dragon ball super.. that will happen one day. and i have long forgotten about fairy tail.

dah i wanted to rewatch 3-gatsu no lion too…

oh yeah have to finish off tales of berseria… and start persona 5… atelier firis will be put on backburner. zelda later later. i never finished off ar nosurge plus…


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