Sagrada Reset 01

this show will be a goldmind for Jungian / MBTI typology.

i like the mystery-ness… though i guess high school students are the ones with the most time to do things that happen in anime.

sagrada reset 01b

Classic example of Introverted Sensing.

sagrada reset 01d

and with that ISxJ makes sense.

primary function = introverted sensing (perceiving with matching with memories)

secondary function = extraverted feeling or thinking… i’m going with T for now and let’s see how this goes.

sagrada reset 01esagrada reset 01fshe’s much harder.

xxFJ – the absorbing feelings is very Extraverted Feeling, and living by created rules is more J ish… but we’ll see.

the ending was very curious though.

I like this show so far.


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