kuzu no honkai – catch up to 12 (END)



i want to read the manga (buying vol 1-3 english versions as i type), and watch the live action.

i really can’t explain how this show makes me feel… moya moya?

gut wrenched? shocked and stilled?

it’s definitely on the top of my “romance” shows along with EF.

A or S rank… not sure. I bought the BD first press though.

(ok almost caught up with winter, then i can really do spring whole-heartedly – i want to catch up on fuuka, konosuba 2, chaos;child… also need to beat tales of berseria so i can finish watching zesteria the X then start persona 5. dah)

kuzu no honkai 11akuzu no honkai 11bkuzu no honkai 12bkuzu no honkai 12c

kuzu no honkai 12a

i don’t know what it is, but i feel like i identify with her. then again, any introspective, overly-grieving person probably would.


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