Naruto Shippuuden – catch up to 500 (END)

naruto shippuuden 500

ah 14 years.

i can now say i watched every single naruto episode… i think. i may have dozed through a few of the boring ones though.

anyway, this is one of the shows i cannot give a rank to – it had its good, bad, ugly, and awesome.

one thing i can say for sure is it has left its place in anime history, and especially in the english-subtitled anime culture.

2003 – this was probably around the time that anime on the internet, especially having episodes air, then subtitled in english started to really hike up. naruto’s popularity had a lot to do with it, i’m sure. in fact, it was so popular that multiple sub groups (and individuals) raced to release the first english subtitled version of each episode. early, early on, it was a one-person group by the name of… what was it baka-something… it was so long ago i do not remember – and i don’t think i have the files anymore. then the group Dattebayo ruled for a long time. then of course, crunchyroll and other official streaming sites came on, signaling the start of the end of the great number of subtitle groups.

any fan of the show would agree how great the best parts of the show were, but also how terrible some of the non-original-source material stories were. it did make one note how anime culture is different in japan and not, since from what i gather, most of the more fanny fans read the manga as well as the anime.

with the end of the manga, and the two canon movies, the slow taper of the end of the show was actually not bad – considering how they animated the light novels… though i wish they would animate them all. and of course, as expected, the long wait was partly to garner as much from the show’s popularity and to start boruto off as well.

well, looks like i can start boruto now.

(and i wonder when they will do a naruto kai)



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