shingeki no kyojin 34

amazing. i was tense and excited the entire episode though there was pretty much no action.

shingeki no kyojin 34a


alice to zouroku – 05

mm well the awesomeness.

i really like this show… i said that already… multiple times. jammed packed with all sorts of stuff i love in anime: existentialism, personal growth, relational growth, some action, beauty…

sub-releases have been delayed, likely due to the groups figuring out what to do now that nyaa is permanently shut down.

alice to zouroku 05aalice to zouroku 05a2alice to zouroku 05a3

… i suddenly want a snickers.

alice to zouroku 05balice to zouroku 05b2

alice to zouroku 05c

the best way to end an existential speach

alice to zouroku 05dalice to zouroku 05d2alice to zouroku 05ealice to zouroku 05f

Re:Creators 01-04

i watched the first few minutes and thought – eh another fantasy world and real world collide / story about creators of otaku culture media…

but then

i realized

this show is done quite well

it is an anime original.

the director is あおきえい Aoki Ei I’m sure his directing has a big part of it. It looks like he’s done Fate/Zero and the first and sequel movies of Kara no Kyoukai – both I like and think were done well. really, this show would have been terrible without him. i think.

art could be better, voice acting is pretty good, though maybe not top-notch (yet); BGM and OP/ED are done well.

the story is quite intricate and its interesting storyline and background is the iceberg for much more.

this show, in a somewhat subtle and roundabout way, introduces various concepts i like in anime: philosophical topics including personal identity, humanity/theology/divinity, free will, a tint of existentialism. these were probably intentional, but another layer that interests me is the underlying expression of the acceleration to the asymptote of an understanding of a collective/unifying identity at the horizon – the increasing human awareness and discourse of the collective mythos and its exposition though recursion and pattern recognition.

that was very INFJ of me

re-creators 01b

re-creators 02are-creators 02bre-creators 04are-creators 04bre-creators 04c

sagrada reset 04

it’s been a while since I had to rewatch a previous episode to understand what was going on.

it’s been a while since I had to rewatch part of the episode to understand what was going on.

it may be the first time I had to do both.

i might have to rewatch this show to really understand.

tip for watching this show: watch it in arcs.

sagrada reset 04a

*falls for girl*

sagrada reset 04b

*got some yandere vibes there for a short second.