Re:Creators 01-04

i watched the first few minutes and thought – eh another fantasy world and real world collide / story about creators of otaku culture media…

but then

i realized

this show is done quite well

it is an anime original.

the director is あおきえい Aoki Ei I’m sure his directing has a big part of it. It looks like he’s done Fate/Zero and the first and sequel movies of Kara no Kyoukai – both I like and think were done well. really, this show would have been terrible without him. i think.

art could be better, voice acting is pretty good, though maybe not top-notch (yet); BGM and OP/ED are done well.

the story is quite intricate and its interesting storyline and background is the iceberg for much more.

this show, in a somewhat subtle and roundabout way, introduces various concepts i like in anime: philosophical topics including personal identity, humanity/theology/divinity, free will, a tint of existentialism. these were probably intentional, but another layer that interests me is the underlying expression of the acceleration to the asymptote of an understanding of a collective/unifying identity at the horizon – the increasing human awareness and discourse of the collective mythos and its exposition though recursion and pattern recognition.

that was very INFJ of me

re-creators 01b

re-creators 02are-creators 02bre-creators 04are-creators 04bre-creators 04c


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