yu-gi-oh!: Dark side of dimensions


mmmm wow. i really wish i watched this on a big screen. it was really made for it.

i could say a lot about this… but a few main things:

1) wow i remembered how much i like this franchise… i mean the original main series, not the spin-offs.

2) i’m not really sure what happened in a few important parts: what exactly with the millenium ring do to diva and what did atem do… oh and the last scene, they did a poor job of explaining it…

but i want more.

Yu-Gi-Oh The Dark Side of Dimensions aYu-Gi-Oh The Dark Side of Dimensions e

mazaki anzu + zettai ryouiki = yes

Yu-Gi-Oh The Dark Side of Dimensions fYu-Gi-Oh The Dark Side of Dimensions g

maybe kaiba took a college courses on the history of ancient philosophy, psychology and neuroscience.

Yu-Gi-Oh The Dark Side of Dimensions h

i think why yugi is so likable is because he is the indefatigable underdog.


busou shoujo machiavellism


if you read the synopsis, you too would think this would be a bad show. a martial art (+swords) + high school + harem… well there are enough shows that this could be a genre.

yes, the plot is not that good. but they did a super job with this show. the perpetual plot rush made you forget about plot holes… unfortunately the ending was a bit sloppy.


busou shoujo 02bBusou Shoujo Machiavellianism 12b

she was the most kawaii


Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism 10aBusou Shoujo Machiavellianism 10bBusou Shoujo Machiavellianism 10dBusou Shoujo Machiavellianism 12a

her gaze has captivated me

little witch academia


ok time to catch up on spring anime. (well i marathoned most of this a month ago and finished the last 5 episodes just now).

this show deserves a standing ovation. it has a certain power, beyond what typical anime has. it has both atmospheres/flavors of western and eastern animation, story-telling, setting, etc. it’s a show anyone can enjoy – long-time anime fans, those that have never seen anime etc.

i normally don’t encourage anime in western/international media, but this show deserves to be known more, shown more, and loved.

i usually rate shows based on how much i like them, but this show is different. this show is different.

(mbti side note, akko = probably ESTP)

little witch academia 25alittle witch academia 02alittle witch academia 05alittle witch academia 15alittle witch academia 18alittle witch academia 18blittle witch academia 18clittle witch academia 24alittle witch academia 25b

shingeki no kyojin 37 (end of season 2)


all i can say is… i am so thankful season 3 is already scheduled for 2018


shingeki no kyojin 37a

this guy is truly alive.


shingeki no kyojin 37bshingeki no kyojin 37b2shingeki no kyojin 37b3shingeki no kyojin 37b4shingeki no kyojin 37b5shingeki no kyojin 37b6

wow. masterfully done scene… i thought she would attack one though…

shingeki no kyojin 37c

and another super unexpected plot twist.



sakura quest – catch up to 09


mmmah lovely quaint show of the season.

it’s interesting how the animation quality of certain things are much better than others… but i guess only those that watch a lot of anime would notice.

(apparently this show is 25 episodes! YES)

sakura quest 06a

ultra super well drawn-animated

sakura quest 06bsakura quest 07asakura quest 08asakura quest 08b

ririko = favorite of this show


re-CREATORS 05-09


(catching up on spring shows)

yabai this show is so good.

the interwoven subtle intricacies are pulsatingly enjoyable

… though the animation is not the best, the voice acting could be the better, the BGM is alright… but the story and characters are amazing.

re-creators 05a

BEST girl of show

re-creators 06a

i would like to live near a riverbank

re-creators 07a

a peculiar reference to ufotable studio

re-creators 09are-creators 09b

this character is designed to be hated.