little witch academia

ok time to catch up on spring anime. (well i marathoned most of this a month ago and finished the last 5 episodes just now).

this show deserves a standing ovation. it has a certain power, beyond what typical anime has. it has both atmospheres/flavors of western and eastern animation, story-telling, setting, etc. it’s a show anyone can enjoy – long-time anime fans, those that have never seen anime etc.

i normally don’t encourage anime in western/international media, but this show deserves to be known more, shown more, and loved.

i usually rate shows based on how much i like them, but this show is different. this show is different.

(mbti side note, akko = probably ESTP)

little witch academia 25alittle witch academia 02alittle witch academia 05alittle witch academia 15alittle witch academia 18alittle witch academia 18blittle witch academia 18clittle witch academia 24alittle witch academia 25b


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