persona 5

I finished personal 5 at about 4 am.

If i had energy, I would write a lot about it.

Just a few things:

the ending / last parts seemed a bit rushed.

i liked persona 4’s story and character development more than persona 5’s. the SL/confidants’ stories were overall better in persona 4. A bunch of the major revelations near the end were lackluster/anti-climactic, again feeling rushed.

Persona 5 had a more fleshed out use / mention of the Jungian concepts of archetypes, cognition, collective consciousness/unconsciousness.

would i new game+ it?… if had all the time in the world yes.

I started persona 3 FES years back… I should finish that and play the persona 4 spinoff games.

can someone already pay me to do this so i spend more time doing it =p



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