Tsuki ga Kirei



When I first read the synopsis of this show, I didn’t want to watch it… even though it was an anime original. probably because it sounded like another school life romance show… which it is. DenPa RK told me to watch it so I watched it three mini-marathon spurts.

This show is truly praiseworthy from multiple perspectives. Everything about this show hands down was masterfully done. The direction, animation, voice-acting, OST, story-telling… every little nuance was choice.

Tsuki ga Kirei 03d

so the the subtitle of the show is ” as the moon, so beautiful” this is a direct reference to the line mentioned above. The answer is Natsume Souseki… i know this because of persona 4 golden. The mystery behind the power of that translation and history in literature weighs heavy for many I am sure; it gives a certain depth to this show.

I want to brag about the animation. There is so much care and attention to detail. The use of space and environment was carefully orchestrated not only give the atmosphere, but to indirectly direct the story as well.

Tsuki ga Kirei 01a

as i mentioned, the animation and use of the environment/setting is key to this show. its use of space carries the show. i have more shows to watch, so instead of explaining it in words, see the below pictures. and i probably wouldn’t be able to explain it well right now anyway.

Tsuki ga Kirei 03cTsuki ga Kirei 04aTsuki ga Kirei 04bTsuki ga Kirei 07aTsuki ga Kirei 07bTsuki ga Kirei 08bTsuki ga Kirei 10bTsuki ga Kirei 12bTsuki ga Kirei 12c

the space, especially space in between, says a lot and this show uses this masterfully.

Tsuki ga Kirei 08a

yikes, the animation. especially for this. animation of playing musical instruments and dancing are a hit or miss. but this was done so well. it was clean and crisp, yet natural and warm.

Tsuki ga Kirei 11a

Tsuki ga Kirei 12e

i love clouds

i suppose in the end, i still didn’t want to watch this show, because of the lack of romance in my life. on to Alice To Zouroku.

edit: but that epilogue. Was it necessary? Was it originally planned? I can imagine the team making the show arguing about it. it basically goes through 10~ years in 2 minutes… when it took 4 hours for one year in the rest of the show. at least it gave closure.

another edit: I keep forgetting to add this in. There is almost zero inner dialogue in this show, which made the ending somewhat awkward, but powerful at the same time. More shows should do this. After all, being able to read people’s minds is not something everyone can do in real life.


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