welcome to the ballroom – 08


ugh, i should have waited for the next episode or 2 to come out…

ballroom 08aballroom 08bballroom 08cballroom 08d


jigoku shoujo – yoi no togi (season 4) – episode 6 (END?)


so the next 6 episodes are reminiscence episodes (reruns probably, episode 7 is…)

so wait… this is the end??? no more enma ai?…. but the last scene did not seem like an end. so are there two jigoku shoujos?

it was a bit rushed. maybe they ran out of steam, but the main plot and second to last plot could have been developed better.

jigoku shoujo s4 06ajigoku shoujo s4 06bjigoku shoujo s4 06cjigoku shoujo s4 06djigoku shoujo s4 06e

Re-creators – catch up to 19


uhhhhhhh wow

glad i marathoned this though.

i thought this show would lose steam… but wow.

definitely A rank, and a must watch for serious animeotaku subculture fans.

re-creators 14b


re-creators 16are-creators 16bre-creators 16b2

i really like meteora.

this central theme of the show… maybe it was intended or not, but there’s another step that is only implied so far: the role of the psyche, and collective consciousness / unconsciousness.

re-creators 18are-creators 19b

when was the last show that had so many grown men cry

re-creators 18bre-creators 18b2re-creators 18b3

but her… this conversation was meta-ly meta.

re-creators 19a