Koi wa ameagari no you ni – 02


i like this slow, natural pace of storytelling.

Koi wa Ameagari no You ni 02aKoi wa Ameagari no You ni 02b


3-gatsu no lion – 34-36


still my most favorite show of 2017-2018.

sad that YUKI didn’t do the OP2 for season 2.

this show is so exhilarating – because it shows life as life – the uncertainty, the sorrow, the pains of moving forward, the love in the smallest things, the inner world and the outer world.

3 gatsu no lion 34a3 gatsu no lion 34b3 gatsu no lion 34c3 gatsu no lion 34d3 gatsu no lion 35a3 gatsu no lion 35a23 gatsu no lion 35a33 gatsu no lion 35b3 gatsu no lion 35c3 gatsu no lion 35d

i applauded for this teacher


3 gatsu no lion 35e3 gatsu no lion 35f3 gatsu no lion 36a3 gatsu no lion 36b3 gatsu no lion 36c

mitsuboshi colors – 01-03


excessively adorability.

i laughed out loud several times.

it’s a good show to watch weekly, hard to marathon.

kotoha is definitely my favorite. that sadism. that sarcasm. that ruthlessness.

Mitsuboshi Colors - 01a

Mitsuboshi Colors - 01a2Mitsuboshi Colors - 01a3

Mitsuboshi Colors - 01bMitsuboshi Colors - 01cMitsuboshi Colors - 02a


violet evergarden -01


a very good first episode. i will hold judgment until a few more episodes. i can see a lot of potential, but the end of the episode seemed rushed. a slower pace would have worked better.

but so far – it is riveting and unnerving.

violet evergarden 01aviolet evergarden 01b


koi wa ameagari no you ni – 01


the passing, ephemeral scenery is beautiful

the quiet storytelling is quaint (though can be slightly less obvious)

the flow strangely is fast, though it seems slow.

good watch so far.

Koi wa Ameagari no You ni 01a

true beauty = yawning

Koi wa Ameagari no You ni 01c



yowamushi pedal glory line (s4) 01


i don’t think i’ll be able to watch this on a weekly basis. there wasn’t really a cliffhanger this time… but i know they’re coming. i would rather marathon this.

yowapeda S4 01a


just because! 12 (END)


i honestly did not think i would enjoy another school life romance.

but this show is done just too well.

the last episode was a bit rushed though. it was a bit awkward for the tension so disappear so suddenly.

my vote goes to komiya

just because! 12ajust because! 12a2just because! 12c


the ancient magus’ bride – catch up to 12


there a lot of things about this show that i like.

but after these last few episodes, i realized why this show is powerful.

indeed, as observed by in-show-characters – the two protagonists speak little. very little. in fact, it makes one wonder how there is a story. plus, they are surrounded by exquisite beauty. this juxtaposition places an almost contradictory notion in the story.

the pace is slow… yet is perfect.

the show is magical… and not just because of the magic in it.

magus' bride 06ahttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Titania

magus' bride 07ahttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandrake

magus' bride 09amagus' bride 09bhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leanan_s%C3%ADdhe

magus' bride 11amagus' bride 11bmagus' bride 12a


3-gatsu no lion – 31-33


3gatsu no lion 31a

3gatsu no lion 31b3gatsu no lion 31c3gatsu no lion 31d3gatsu no lion 32a3gatsu no lion 32b3gatsu no lion 32c3gatsu no lion 33a3gatsu no lion 33b


Mahoutsukai no Yome – OVA – Hoshi Matsu Hito – 01-03 (END)

the storytelling.

magus' bride ova 02amagus' bride ova 03a