sakura quest – 17-18

sakura quest 17a

she grew on me a lot

sakura quest 17b

kuu-dere…. actually justĀ kuu

sakura quest 17c

absolutely atrocious, heinous translation.

how does tanuki (japanese raccoon dog) translate to monkey???sakura quest 17d

ah the – name things – & the – abbreviate things whether they are not that long, long, or very long – characteristics of japanese (sub)culture – 2 in 1!

sakura quest 17e

ugh i want to learn to play. maybe over vacation? ha

princess principal 05

this show makes me glad that I am alive to watch it.

it’s amazing how they pack so much into each episode… but it doesn’t really feel rushed. i realize later that a lot happened

princess principal 05a

i’m sure many watching this have had this thought, but i must put it here… “but this is an animated japanese show…”

princess principal 05bprincess principal 05cprincess principal 05c2princess principal 05c3princess principal 05c4

chise = awesomeness

oof with that anime intuition. i knew what was coming based on this shot.

princess principal 05dprincess principal 05eprincess principal 05e2