september decisions

have to finish summer anime

“blue reflection” just came in the mail today.

“white day” later this week.


need more time… or gain the ability to function without sleep


persona 5

I finished personal 5 at about 4 am.

If i had energy, I would write a lot about it.

Just a few things:

the ending / last parts seemed a bit rushed.

i liked persona 4’s story and character development more than persona 5’s. the SL/confidants’ stories were overall better in persona 4. A bunch of the major revelations near the end were lackluster/anti-climactic, again feeling rushed.

Persona 5 had a more fleshed out use / mention of the Jungian concepts of archetypes, cognition, collective consciousness/unconsciousness.

would i new game+ it?… if had all the time in the world yes.

I started persona 3 FES years back… I should finish that and play the persona 4 spinoff games.

can someone already pay me to do this so i spend more time doing it =p


Planning out my ani-gemu-ing (april 2017)

so my plan.

try to not fall behind on spring shows.

after my trip this week – finish off winter shows kuzu no honkai (2 episodes i think), tales of zestiria the X (so behind), youjo senki (1 episode), kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon (1 episode), fuuka (uh a bunch). i’m debating where to catch up on chaos, konosuba 2, little witch academia, onihei. (havn’t even started these except konosuba…), rewrite (so behind). i may give up on rewrite and hand shakers and do them later.

i keep trying to catch up with naruto. i only have 20ish episodes to do. dragon ball super.. that will happen one day. and i have long forgotten about fairy tail.

dah i wanted to rewatch 3-gatsu no lion too…

oh yeah have to finish off tales of berseria… and start persona 5… atelier firis will be put on backburner. zelda later later. i never finished off ar nosurge plus…

gemu desu

so persona 5 came in the mail today.

atelier firis came last week.

and i still need to beat tales of berseria… though I think I am in the section before the last part.

plus I won’t be with my ps4 for a week… plus i forgot to leave my ps4 on so i can play it via my vita.

oh did i mention i beat persona 4 a week or so back… “i’ll face myself” especially the reincarnation and marie versions are playing nonstop.

gyakuten saiban 6 – DONE… and next…

so it took me 8 days, but i beat it.



and i must say… it was awesome. it is my 2nd favorite gyakuten game
#3 is still my favorite. gyakuten kenji #2 is high up there too.

i didn’t apollo up until now, but they finally gave him something that made him worthy. also, i’m glad they didn’t ignore/forget about the deal with Lamiroir…

and finally¬†ayasato mayoi is back. … now i wonder if iris and morgan fey will ever return…

hmm i hope they release the bonus episode soon…. wait there are THREE bonus episodes?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! ah yes. and oh it looks like the first one just came out yesterday…

it looks my next adventure will have to wait…



phantasy star – to play or not to play

so apparently there’s an anime adaptation of phantasy star online 2.

ah phantasy star 4 was so good.

i have played 3 also, but it made me want to play 1 and 2. 2 was so hard and 1 was so… retro that i had a tough time getting into it.

there’s apparently a fan translation of the ps2 remake of phantasy star 1.

you know… not that i have a lot of other things to do….