yu-gi-oh!: Dark side of dimensions


mmmm wow. i really wish i watched this on a big screen. it was really made for it.

i could say a lot about this… but a few main things:

1) wow i remembered how much i like this franchise… i mean the original main series, not the spin-offs.

2) i’m not really sure what happened in a few important parts: what exactly with the millenium ring do to diva and what did atem do… oh and the last scene, they did a poor job of explaining it…

but i want more.

Yu-Gi-Oh The Dark Side of Dimensions aYu-Gi-Oh The Dark Side of Dimensions e

mazaki anzu + zettai ryouiki = yes

Yu-Gi-Oh The Dark Side of Dimensions fYu-Gi-Oh The Dark Side of Dimensions g

maybe kaiba took a college courses on the history of ancient philosophy, psychology and neuroscience.

Yu-Gi-Oh The Dark Side of Dimensions h

i think why yugi is so likable is because he is the indefatigable underdog.


koe no katachi





(there are some minor things that you may notice were glossed over… but forgivable.)

i want to read the manga now. maybe i’ll go to kinokuniya and buy them.

koe no katachi akoe no katachi c2koe no katachi lkoe no katachi m2koe no katachi nkoe no katachi okoe no katachi p

i am so using this line

koe no katachi r

Kimi no Na Wa

I’m in Pittsburgh for a (work-ish related conference); two days earlier I realized that this movie was opening today (well yesterday now). I bought my ticket to watch it today.

kimi no nawa b

Usually I would say something about the individual aspects of something I watched – character, background, animation, OST, voice acting. But what first comes to mind for this movie is – it all fit together so nicely. Anime at what it does best – intertwining and creating the double helix of supernatural/fantastic with the every day, producing a movement.

I would definitely watch this again. Not just because it’s great, but because there’s something in the beginning you only get if once you see the end of the movie.

Oh, it helps that I am a helpless romantic.

kimi no nawa a

tamayura – graduation photo – #4 (END)


this series has an interesting place in my heart. maybe i’ll buy the bd/dvd’s. A rank.

i’ve been watching it for years.

i could not figure out really why until now.

i really like the main character, sawatari fu “potte”, maybe because i relate to her in some way.

this is true slice of life. not slice of life drama, not slice of life comedy, but simply slice of life and of coming of age.

no tricks, just life.

it’s amazing how they can pack so much into short scenes, even one simple shot.

i don’t know if i would really recommend this to anyone… maybe those looking for true slice of life / coming of age.


Tamayura – graduation photo – part 3


this will go down in history as one of my favorite slice of life shows.

this reminds me of the time i was interested in photography.

it makes more sense to me now, as i have come to understand my infj-ness. perhaps i will get into it again… along with the myriad other things i am doing…

tamayura graduation 3a

the mini-maon arc

tamayura graduation 3btamayura graduation 3b2tamayura graduation 3b3tamayura graduation 3b4tamayura graduation 3b5tamayura graduation 3c

and finally… fuu

tamayura graduation 3d

this shot – amazing how one can know exactly what the character is thinking, and immediately just by this one shot.

tamayura graduation 3etamayura graduation 3fooo i’m so good at that!

Psycho-Pass: Movie (Eng Dub in Theater)

so i went to watch this today.

now i did watch the english subbed version a while back… and when i found out this was going to a showing of the dubbed version, i was disappointed.

so speaking of the voice acting, it was mostly… okay. maybe voice actors should learn how to pronounce japanese names correctly. very irritating.

the only one that did a very good job was Major Attaway, who did Desmond Rutaganda. So they got a black person to voice a black character. maybe they should use more asian-american voice actors for subbing anime.


i absolutely love this series. there’s always a revelation, inspiration when i watch it.

it is not S rank for nothing.

i want to rewatch the series and the movie again. one of my goals is to write an indepth blog post about each episode with as much referencing as possible.