september decisions

have to finish summer anime

“blue reflection” just came in the mail today.

“white day” later this week.


need more time… or gain the ability to function without sleep


sagrada reset – 23-34 (END)

this is such a fascinating show. yes the characters, the setting, the story is all to my liking.

but what really makes this show is the rawness.

the emotions are not exuberant or gaudy, but they are raw and uncomfortable and real.

sagrada reset 23a

i do now.

sagrada reset 23b

this man is genius.

sagrada reset 23d

it’s fantastic how this show reveals tremendous things so subtly.

sagrada reset 24asagrada reset 24d

why is she my favorite?… i’m sure part of it has to do with the tragic nature of her character and the essential self-conflict of her immaturity and maturity.

boruto – 24

mmmm sarada definitely my favorite (for now)

boruto 24a

I’ve seenĀ hima translated in so many different ways. it’s so versatile and situational.

boruto 24b

my major conflict is whether to watch this weekly or in spurts or in marathons.

i still do have dragon ball super to catch up on…