full metal panic S4 – 08


i like watching fansub releases… but i couldn’t wait any longer for https://damedesuyo.com/

this arc could have been a super film.

full metal panic S4 08afull metal panic S4 08cfull metal panic S4 08d

full metal panic S4 08f


steins;gate 0 – 08-12


is it wrong to say that i treasure this show/game more than i do people.

the art/animation style fits it so perfectly. it has the flavor of the VN and adds to it.

every screenshot is so deep… the interconnections to other aspects of it and to it as a whole…

it’s interesting how they made certain parts longer and cut some parts shorter, all in all i would say it does justice to the original…. though i wouldn’t have minded it being longer to include some of the funnier parts (sergeant tennouji clean, suzuha eating curry)

and all of the voice acting is so plus ultra.

Steins;Gate 0 08aSteins;Gate 0 08cSteins;Gate 0 08eSteins;Gate 0 10bSteins;Gate 0 10c

now they’re just showing off

Steins;Gate 0 10dSteins;Gate 0 10d2


Steins;Gate 0 12a

this “mystery” part of this arc was very neat…

Steins;Gate 0 12b

Steins;Gate 0 12cSteins;Gate 0 12c2

mayushii has so much love that you can feel it.


annnnd here is where the story starts to get really crazy…

ggo 11-12 (END)


that was satisfying.

kanzaki elsa = awesome

ggo 11aggo 11dggo 11eggo 12c


this is possibly the best guitar animation i’ve seen. it’s done with so much care. plus the guitar is so cute. (two of the chords seem not right though… )

ggo 12d2ggo 12d3

Em chord ahh (or possibly Esus4)

ggo 12d4

D chord ahh

(though the invisible band made no sense, they should’ve just kept a solo guitar music)

shokugeki no soma – S3 – 24 (END)


(oops forgot to post this 6 days ago)

the melancholic drift due to the end of a season… i checked the list of manga volumes, and there’s enough material to cover another cour so i am hopeful of more anime… and somewhat soon.

this show is personally important to me… though in a way i don’t know how to put into words quite yet.

again, season 4 soon please.

soma S3 - 24bsoma S3 - 24d

this timeless (pun intended) classic of anime reference.


soma S3 - 24e5soma S3 - 24e6soma S3 - 24fsoma S3 - 24f2soma S3 - 24f3

soma S3 - 24hsoma S3 - 24h3soma S3 - 24h4


soma S3 - 24i