shokugeki no soma – S3 – ep 6

i was resigned to an episode with no megumi… but i was blessed!

soma S3 06b


boku no hero academia – catch up to 37

(oops i wrote this a while back but never po sted)

uraraka ochaco = best

so this shounen battle show is very shounen and very battly.

it indeed is good, watchable, and recommendable. I probably would have liked it more 10 years ago and a lot more 20 years ago.

but… uraraka ochaco = best

Boku no Hero Academia 14aBoku no Hero Academia 22aBoku no Hero Academia 22a3Boku no Hero Academia 25aboku no hero academia 26aBoku no Hero Academia 33aboku no hero academia 36a

shokugeki no soma S3 – ep 04

i gave a standing ovation at the end of this episode.

i feel strangely empowered.

i think i’ll start enneagram-typing characters. maybe mix in some mbti here and there.

hm soma….  8?

soma S3 04bsoma S3 04b2soma S3 04csoma S3 04d


soma S3 04esoma S3 04e2soma S3 04e3soma S3 04f

MEGUMIIIIIIII (enneagram 2)

soma S3 04g