alice to zouroku – catch up to 12 (end)

ahh i want more. the show ended somewhat anticlimactically. i wanted more ANGST.

i am tired. no more anime for today.

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alice to zouroku – 05

mm well the awesomeness.

i really like this show… i said that already… multiple times. jammed packed with all sorts of stuff i love in anime: existentialism, personal growth, relational growth, some action, beauty…

sub-releases have been delayed, likely due to the groups figuring out what to do now that nyaa is permanently shut down.

alice to zouroku 05aalice to zouroku 05a2alice to zouroku 05a3

… i suddenly want a snickers.

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the best way to end an existential speach

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Alice To Zouroku 02


slow and steady.

(i have hours of anime to catch up on… but it’s time for Tales of Berseria. I hope to beat it this week…)

alice to zouroku 02aalice to zouroku 02balice to zouroku 02calice to zouroku 02d

kawaii screenshots

alice to zouroku 02e

something something human psychological development. something something personal identity. something something collective unconscious

Alice to Zouroku 01

(not sure where it’s sourced from)

well now

well now

well now

an A rank possible S rank show here.

the quality of this double length episode (almost) rivals movie animation quality.

alice in wonderland is a reference made frequently in anime and this one relies on it heavily with “looking glass” and other terms.

the concept of imagination manifestation is not an uncommon one in japanese entertainment and my belief is that it is an example of the underlying psychological aspect of this culture. in jungian / myers briggs terms, it would converting what is perceived via Introverted Intuition into what can be perceived via Extraverted Sensing (ie INFJ/INTJ is all about)

anyway, this clash of fantasy with normality, danger with slice of life – this juxtaposition drives up my INFJ-ness even more. – to clarify, it’s not that any character is INFJ (so far as i can tell), but that the very concept of this show is … it is INFJ. ha

alice to zouroku 01fI so very am. Considering buying this already.

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alice to zouroku 01f