hanebado! – 03


so much happened this episode.

what i like about this show… is the ragged, rugged edges.

the end of the episode seems like a happy one… but in fact, a lot remains unresolved.

the animation though!

hanebado! 03ahanebado! 03bhanebado! 03chanebado! 03ehanebado! 03fhanebado! 03ghanebado! 03h


hanebado! 01



i thought this show would be just okay. a school life sports slice of life feel good show.


this is to the core. it looks like it’s from a seinen magazine.

hanebado! 01a

the animation is cut-throat good. this year has been a landmark in terms of utilization of computer graphics in anime, but this show does it so well. it blends the non CG animation with the CG so well that hasn’t been done before.

the attention to detail is sickening. it’s amazing.

hanebado! 01bhanebado! 01b2

the japanese anime style existential crisis – so powerfully constructed in such a short time frame.

hanebado! 01chanebado! 01c2

hanebado! 01ehanebado! 01e2

characters that are just alive

in fact, they’re more alive and real than a lot of people i interact with.

hanebado! 01f


hanebado! 01d


shokugeki no soma – S3 – 24 (END)


(oops forgot to post this 6 days ago)

the melancholic drift due to the end of a season… i checked the list of manga volumes, and there’s enough material to cover another cour so i am hopeful of more anime… and somewhat soon.

this show is personally important to me… though in a way i don’t know how to put into words quite yet.

again, season 4 soon please.

soma S3 - 24bsoma S3 - 24d

this timeless (pun intended) classic of anime reference.


soma S3 - 24e5soma S3 - 24e6soma S3 - 24fsoma S3 - 24f2soma S3 - 24f3

soma S3 - 24hsoma S3 - 24h3soma S3 - 24h4


soma S3 - 24i

shokugeki no soma – S3 – 20


firing it up for the climax.

(that panchira seemed so out of place at this stage of this show)

as a broad perspective – it’s fascinating to consider such inspiring shows as either A) a motivational push for one’s own drive or B) as a replacement for one’s own drive. Throughout the ages, cultures have told their stories, perhaps as a way to project a fusion of reality and collective unconscious / mythology to a collective consciousness, a group identity meaning. Surely individuals have had the same option as always – to merely use these stories as replacements / reproduction of this collective consciousness but in the individual (which are mandatory in those handicapped in some manner) versus to be inspired and motivated to pursue their will and move forward. It perhaps is one of the fundamental elements of humanity – how one moves from stopped to go is a mystery, a mystery that I am fond of and stirs up eddies of muses.


soma S3 20

soma S3 20bsoma S3 20e2soma S3 20d


soma S3 20csoma S3 20esoma S3 20f