princess principal – 11 – 12 (END)


i REALLY hope this means there will be another season. there is WAY too much potential to let this end here. yes there’s a game… but it will be in japanese. oh ok well fine. i must learn to read japanese.

did mention how much i love chise.

princess principal 12cprincess principal 12c2princess principal 12c3princess principal 12c4princess principal 12c5princess principal 12dprincess principal 12d2princess principal 12d3princess principal 12d4


Princess principal – 07

princess principal 07b

what is up with ultra super cool miracle animation.

princess principal 07aprincess principal 07cprincess principal 07eprincess principal 07f

chouuuuuuu kakkoiiiii~~~ the most kakkoii female character since shana.


Spice and wolf – vol. 18 – spring log

This is my most favorite spice and wolf book. I feel like it really is a culmination of Lawrence and Holo’s  journey.

and it is exactly what I imagine married life to be like. ahem.

SSS rank

spice and wolf vol 18


alice to zouroku – 03-04

so many complicated feelings.

this show is absolutely riveting.

alice to zouroku 04a

uh duh she is her future self. c’mon. obviously she grows up and becomes a florist like zouroku.

alice to zouroku 04calice to zouroku 04c2alice to zouroku 04c3

my role model.



shingeki no kyojin 28

the OP and ED animation pretty much explain the origin of the Titans… and the upcoming truth seems more and more monstrous… or rather, human.

honestly, this show puts so many others to shame. and the best part of it is is that it does not stop.

it’s kind of annoying how they purposefully speak indirectly just for suspense.

shingeki no kyojin 28dshingeki no kyojin 28e

the sheer awesomeness and suspense is so real it’s almost tangible. but why does that look like a box cutter.

shingeki no kyojin 28a

option to not consider because it is too scary = there is no breach.


shingeki no kyojin 28b

2nd favorite gal

shingeki no kyojin 28cshingeki no kyojin 28c2shingeki no kyojin 28c3shingeki no kyojin 28c4

i was going to complain about now enough sasha… until this scene. i was uber-satisfied. want potato.



hibike! euphonium S2 – 13 (end)

sad to see this show end… now only if i could read japanese and read the novels.

i will miss you oumae kumiko thanks for being such an infj



hibike! euphonium S2 – 10-12

this show A rank.

i really like oumae kumiko… probably because she reminds me of me.

those slovenly responses, lackadaisical attitude, being wishy-washy



koutetsujou no kabaneri – catch up to 11

is there really one episode left?

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri 08bKoutetsujou no Kabaneri 10aKoutetsujou no Kabaneri 10bKoutetsujou no Kabaneri 11a


gyakuten saiban – 08-10

i incorrectly thought that this case would be 3 episodes. i was wrong.

but things are finally riling up a bit and getting more serious.

gyakuten saiban 08agyakuten saiban 08cgyakuten saiban 09b

seiyuu八武崎 碧 Yabusaki Aoi , is doing a marvelous job here. in fact, all of the seiyuu are awesome in this show.

gyakuten saiban 08b

gyakuten saiban 09a