jigoku shoujo – S4 – ep 4



jigoku shoujo s4 04cjigoku shoujo s4 04e


jigoku shoujo – S4 – 02



this was one of the most complex episodes of this series, not in terms of intellectually following the plot, but the states of the characters’ hearts and how they are connected.

jigoku shoujo s4 02ajigoku shoujo s4 02d

jigoku shoujo – yoi no togi (season 4) 01


that feeling when a SSS rank show you love gets another season, and you had no idea.

this is already my favorite show of the season.

i already added the first press BD to my card on cdjapan.

jigoku shoujo s4 01ajigoku shoujo s4 01b

i missed you enma ai

jigoku shoujo s4 01d

my anime intuition was correct.

jigoku shoujo s4 01e

a new character. someone that opposes the system…. ?

jigoku shoujo s4 01g

yu-gi-oh!: Dark side of dimensions


mmmm wow. i really wish i watched this on a big screen. it was really made for it.

i could say a lot about this… but a few main things:

1) wow i remembered how much i like this franchise… i mean the original main series, not the spin-offs.

2) i’m not really sure what happened in a few important parts: what exactly with the millenium ring do to diva and what did atem do… oh and the last scene, they did a poor job of explaining it…

but i want more.

Yu-Gi-Oh The Dark Side of Dimensions aYu-Gi-Oh The Dark Side of Dimensions e

mazaki anzu + zettai ryouiki = yes

Yu-Gi-Oh The Dark Side of Dimensions fYu-Gi-Oh The Dark Side of Dimensions g

maybe kaiba took a college courses on the history of ancient philosophy, psychology and neuroscience.

Yu-Gi-Oh The Dark Side of Dimensions h

i think why yugi is so likable is because he is the indefatigable underdog.

gyakuten saiban – ep 4-7


i’m glad i decided to watch this in cases and not each week.

overall my reaction – same as before. they did a overall good job capturing the essence of the case, but at the loss of the great intense moments of the cross-examinations and the expansive fun of the investigation parts. i didn’t like their liberties in changing some of the parts this time around.

apparently they are not going to US localize dai gyakuten saiban… but gyakuten saiban 6 is coming out soon! (need to learn to read japanese… soon….)…

gyakuten saiban 05agyakuten saiban 05bgyakuten saiban 07a

❤ mayoi-chan

gyakuten saiban – episodes 03-04


this is one of those shows that’s hard to watch if you don’t know the source material. it’s lost on those that havn’t played the game. maybe it will get people to play the game.

the main difference from the game is the the loss of tension and catecholamine release during the cross-examination sessions. it’s too… light in the anime. it’s a combination of the music and the overall atmosphere. but i love this series.

gyakuten saiban 03b

i want this plant now

gyakuten saiban 04a

i always love focus lines

gyakuten saiban 04b


more importantly. trailer for gyakuten saiban 6 – out in japan in june… and hopefully english translation soon. OR i could just learn all hiragana, katakana, and necessary kanji in two months?! i do have a japanese 3ds loitering around somewhere…

anime intro:

i never watch trailers and such really… but i guess i must be a real fanboy.


gyakuten saiban (turnabout trial) / ace attorney – 01-02


so finally

as a huge fan of the video game series, i was really looking forward to this show.

and it is not disappointing.

the OST: appropriate, but i’m glad they kept some of the key music, like the witness/cross-examination music sequence. so many memories.

the voice-acting: appropriate

the art/animation: a bit… bright, but it works.

the OP and ED are so so, i like the ED more.

i replayed the first two cases on game 1 last week so it is fresh in my memory. some of the translation/text are literally taken from the game translation.

major gripe: they kept the english names. i would have preferred that they put the japanese names in the subtitles. but oh well.

gyakuten saiban 01fgyakuten saiban 01b

i really want this bag now

gyakuten saiban 01egyakuten saiban 02aAyasato Mayoi 綾里真宵

seiyuu八武崎 碧 Yabusaki Aoi , one of my favorites.

she did = Kayo from boku dake inai machi

ringo-chan from danshii koukousei no nichijou

kaname madoka from MadoMagi

giselle from last exile – fam, the silver wing (ugh what a great show, must rewatch)

victorique from Gosick

of course she did a bunch more, but i really liked all these shows and characters

it’s a bit interesting, since she did not voice mayoi in other media (eg layton vs gyakuten game etc), but i’m glad she’s doing it.

i want to sit down and figure out the entire game OST on guitar. yes i love it that much.


GATE – 24 (END)


last episode….

….. is there where it ends?

what about a rory arc with hardy? what happens with pina, the empire, zolzal??

3rd season? movie?!

is this where the light novel series ended?!

where are my answers?!


nooo need more information!

gate 24b

kuribayashi shino. definitely my favorite member of the third recon unit. petite + feisty + can beat me up.

gate 24cgate 24c2gate 24c3

gate 24c4gate 24hi

rory mercury – always makes me feel…. a certain special way

gate 24e4

another one of the loose ends……. one of the more interesting characters – tyuule . she’s probably the only important character with a significant inner struggle. so undeveloped…

gate 24hfgate 24hm

i wonder if i would be into doujinshi . i guess there’s one best way to find out…