princess principal 05

this show makes me glad that I am alive to watch it.

it’s amazing how they pack so much into each episode… but it doesn’t really feel rushed. i realize later that a lot happened

princess principal 05a

i’m sure many watching this have had this thought, but i must put it here… “but this is an animated japanese show…”

princess principal 05bprincess principal 05cprincess principal 05c2princess principal 05c3princess principal 05c4

chise = awesomeness

oof with that anime intuition. i knew what was coming based on this shot.

princess principal 05dprincess principal 05eprincess principal 05e2



jigoku shoujo – yoi no togi (season 4) 01

that feeling when a SSS rank show you love gets another season, and you had no idea.

this is already my favorite show of the season.

i already added the first press BD to my card on cdjapan.

jigoku shoujo s4 01ajigoku shoujo s4 01b

i missed you enma ai

jigoku shoujo s4 01d

my anime intuition was correct.

jigoku shoujo s4 01e

a new character. someone that opposes the system…. ?

jigoku shoujo s4 01g

sagrada reset – catch up to 10

i thought i could wait to catch up before posting.

but i couldn’t.

this show.

such a tease.

and i love it.

i had to laugh out loud during those moments in which everything came together.

sagrada reset 07bsagrada reset 08bsagrada reset 09asagrada reset 09bsagrada reset 10a

it’s fascinating, how for a show with so much sadness… it is not very sad. and as the watcher, you feel like you become the vehicle for that sadness.

sagrada reset 07asagrada reset 10bsagrada reset 10c

and i knew she was my favorite person of this show… but wow, she IS my favorite my favorite person of this show.

little witch academia

ok time to catch up on spring anime. (well i marathoned most of this a month ago and finished the last 5 episodes just now).

this show deserves a standing ovation. it has a certain power, beyond what typical anime has. it has both atmospheres/flavors of western and eastern animation, story-telling, setting, etc. it’s a show anyone can enjoy – long-time anime fans, those that have never seen anime etc.

i normally don’t encourage anime in western/international media, but this show deserves to be known more, shown more, and loved.

i usually rate shows based on how much i like them, but this show is different. this show is different.

(mbti side note, akko = probably ESTP)

little witch academia 25alittle witch academia 02alittle witch academia 05alittle witch academia 15alittle witch academia 18alittle witch academia 18blittle witch academia 18clittle witch academia 24alittle witch academia 25b