shingeki no kyojin 37 (end of season 2)

all i can say is… i am so thankful season 3 is already scheduled for 2018

shingeki no kyojin 37a

this guy is truly alive.


shingeki no kyojin 37bshingeki no kyojin 37b2shingeki no kyojin 37b3shingeki no kyojin 37b4shingeki no kyojin 37b5shingeki no kyojin 37b6

wow. masterfully done scene… i thought she would attack one though…

shingeki no kyojin 37c

and another super unexpected plot twist.



re-CREATORS 05-09

(catching up on spring shows)

yabai this show is so good.

the interwoven subtle intricacies are pulsatingly enjoyable

… though the animation is not the best, the voice acting could be the better, the BGM is alright… but the story and characters are amazing.

re-creators 05a

BEST girl of show

re-creators 06a

i would like to live near a riverbank

re-creators 07a

a peculiar reference to ufotable studio

re-creators 09are-creators 09b

this character is designed to be hated.