shokugeki no soma – s3 – 12 (END… i think)

season 4 in the spring it looks like.

i would have really liked it if they animated mito ikumi and tadokoko megumi’s shokugekis

the OP was such a tease – the episode barely showed anything more than the OP. dah!

soma S3 12asoma S3 12csoma S3 12dsoma S3 12e2soma S3 12f


shokugeki no soma S3 – ep 04

i gave a standing ovation at the end of this episode.

i feel strangely empowered.

i think i’ll start enneagram-typing characters. maybe mix in some mbti here and there.

hm soma….  8?

soma S3 04bsoma S3 04b2soma S3 04csoma S3 04d


soma S3 04esoma S3 04e2soma S3 04e3soma S3 04f

MEGUMIIIIIIII (enneagram 2)

soma S3 04g