jigoku shoujo – yoi no togi (season 4) – episode 6 (END?)


so the next 6 episodes are reminiscence episodes (reruns probably, episode 7 is…)

so wait… this is the end??? no more enma ai?…. but the last scene did not seem like an end. so are there two¬†jigoku shoujos?

it was a bit rushed. maybe they ran out of steam, but the main plot and second to last plot could have been developed better.

jigoku shoujo s4 06ajigoku shoujo s4 06bjigoku shoujo s4 06cjigoku shoujo s4 06djigoku shoujo s4 06e


jigoku shoujo – yoi no togi (season 4) 01


that feeling when a SSS rank show you love gets another season, and you had no idea.

this is already my favorite show of the season.

i already added the first press BD to my card on cdjapan.

jigoku shoujo s4 01ajigoku shoujo s4 01b

i missed you enma ai

jigoku shoujo s4 01d

my anime intuition was correct.

jigoku shoujo s4 01e

a new character. someone that opposes the system…. ?

jigoku shoujo s4 01g