Sword Art Online Movie – Ordinal Scale

after a mostly (but not entirely) disappointing self half of SAO season 1 and most of season 2, the movie was quite good and an excellent teaser for season 3 and maybe also the spinoff coming up in april 2018.

but i won’t get my hopes too high.

the last battle scene was extra nice… though a bit short. i enjoyed how they involved characters and stories from ALO and GGO.

from a philosophical and psychological perspective, the concept of virtual reality vs augmented reality, though not the main point, is a running motif. it is more poignant given the latest advances in technology with augmented reality technology (though still young), a popular example being pokémon go. yuuna’s short monologue about how “dreams and virtual worlds are more or less the same thing” and both becoming a memory was poignant, though i wish it got more development.

namely, how virtual reality and augmented reality should be considered as manifestations of the jungian concept of the collective unconscious that is “tangible” to the conscious.

kajiura yuki sama’s music took more of a smaller role, similar to all her SAO work. it’s good as always, but her SAO work does not rank on the top of my list.

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princess principal – 11 – 12 (END)



i REALLY hope this means there will be another season. there is WAY too much potential to let this end here. yes there’s a game… but it will be in japanese. oh ok well fine. i must learn to read japanese.

did mention how much i love chise.

princess principal 12cprincess principal 12c2princess principal 12c3princess principal 12c4princess principal 12c5princess principal 12dprincess principal 12d2princess principal 12d3princess principal 12d4

boku dake ga inai machi 08


at the end of the episode, i gave a standing ovation.

boku dake 08dboku dake 08c

the image of the spiral is one that has captivated me since i don’t know when.

a strong mark was left by Kara no Kyoukai movie #5 矛盾螺旋 Mujun Rasen (also Kajiura Yuki music, representing)

but in this context, it is a good conception of humanity, interactions, and of life/existence in general.

boku dake 08g

one of the most moving scenes.

boku dake ga inai machi 05


i really wish someone i see on a regular basis would watch this show so that I could talk about it with them.

s rank show.

boku dake 05a

boku dake 05b

i knew there was something about her i liked since episode 1

but this scene made my heart flutter a moment

boku dake ga inai machi (ERASED) – 02


this will be the show i buy the BD for this season. A rank or higher, it is.

it looks like they’re releasing it in 2 releases with multiple discs each time, instead of the traditional 1 disc per release.

boku dake 02b

this episode… this episode… i really like this kind of show. it was absolutely riveting, and kajiura yuki’s music … i can tell it’s her, but she definitely took a different approach for the music for this show.

boku dake 02a

it would have been awesome if i had such friends in elementary school to talk about final fantasy and dragon quest.

boku dake 02c